With Windows 10, Microsoft has changed their release strategy: so-called Feature Updates will replace the previous releases of new Windows versions at a frequency of about 3-5 years. These Feature Updates will be released twice per year. 

Microsoft envisions “Servicing Channels” which are designed to give customers a certain amount of control with respect to the point of time for updates. These allow the function update to be carried out twice per year (“Semi-Annual Channel”) or about every 3 years (“Long-Term Servicing Channel”).

The FEMFAT platform strategy will be adapted to this new situation so that both the “Semi-Annual Channel” and the “Long-Term Servicing Channel” are supported. 

Specifically, this means that if Windows 10 Feature Updates restrict the proper execution of FEMFAT, executable installation packages will be supplied for the most current versions of the last two major releases (e.g. FEMFAT 5.3 and FEMFAT 5.2b) within a reasonable period of time (additional information on the tested operating system updates will be provided shortly on our website.)