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Your Solution for Fatigue Analysis and Lightweight Design

FEMFAT is a globally leading software for fatigue life prediction and lightweight design. With over 30 years of continuous development and experience, FEMFAT is trusted by engineers worldwide for its reliability and effectiveness.

FEMFAT quickly identifies fatigue-related issues, optimizes the development process and reduces testing costs. It enhances the reliability of components in automotive, machinery, and plant construction industries.

With FEMFAT, you gain a reliable fatigue software validated through decades of successful use. Developed by engineers for engineers, it offers advanced features and analysis options for metallic and non-metallic components, including weld and spot joints.


  • Reliable fatigue software for determining damage, fatigue life and safety factors
  • Employed successfully for decades at Engineering Center Steyr (ECS) and validated through test results
  • Technologically advanced software, groundbreaking concepts
  • Analysis options for metallic and non-metallic components
  • Simultaneous analysis of base material and weld and/or spot joints


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FEMFAT LAB at a Glance

FEMFAT LAB is a powerful software solution for visualization and analysis of large amounts of measuremen data.

Calculations of time histories with millions of data points and hundreds of channels can be performed within seconds. Anomalies such as drift, mean shift and spikes can be removed automatically or manually. FEMFAT LAB's project philosophy saves a lot of time as the same operations can be performed automatically for multiple files without additional user input. Many sophisticated methods help engineers to understand and analyze measurement data in the time and frequency domain. Some of them are Rainflow Counting, Level Crossing, Range Count and Time at Level to name a few.

FEMFAT LAB offers a wide range of visualization tools, such as three-dimensional plots of rainflow- and damage matrices as well as waterfall and Campbell results. Different data formats such as RPC III, Remus or Diadem can be processed without the need for conversion. To save considerable time and costs in the development process, complex multi-axis methods help to compare customer usage with test tracks or simple test procedures. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the amount of load data by considering the correct multiaxial phase relationships. With the interface to dynamic simulations, it is possible to generate a virtual road surface and load data for simulation models based on measured responses. FEMFAT LAB comes with a powerful diagnose tool to detect problematic paramters in MBS models and automatically improve their quality.

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