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FEMFAT LAB frequency

Visualize data in frequency domain

Features overview:

  • Spectral analysis (power spectrum, cross spectrum, transfer function, inverse function, etc.)
  • Comfort factor evaluation
  • Waterfall, Campbell

Spectral Analysis

Spectral analysis gives information about frequency content and behavior (Eigen Frequency…..) this helps to interpret structural stochastic loads.

The calculation of a transfer or inverse function helps to determine the transfer behavior of structures.

The calculated results can be displayed and compared graphically. 

Comfort factor evaluation based on VDI calculates objective values (k(x),k(y), k(z)) for three directions of the driving comfort.


To be able to interpret data from powertrain or combustion engine loads Waterfall or Campbell are suitable.

This analysis provides the information which order of loads is liable for high strain.

Wavelet Order Cut

To get to know the signal in time domain of a defined order it’s possible to cut out this order from the measured signal.

There are two ways to cut orders: Either you delete the defined order in the signal or you clip the order.