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Trainings @Altair

In addition to the dates in St. Valentin we offer trainings (standard and advanced) at defined locations of our partner Altair.

The registration is handled by Altair. Please use the provided link at the certain event.

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    FEMFAT standard training at Altair
    Böblingen, Germany Outlook meeting
  • Day 1: Fundamentals and Practical Use

    • Theory in fatigue analysis
    • The method of FEMFAT: local stress concept with influence parameter
    • FEMFAT Theory: Modul BASIC, BREAK and PLAST
    • FEMFAT Theory: Modul HEAT and STRAIN
    • Practical examples using FEMFAT
    • Questions and Answers

    Day 2: Fundamentals and Practical Use

    • Theory in fatigue analysis in more complex situations
    • FEMFAT theory about FEMFAT max; channel and transient
    • FEMFAT theory about seamwelds (WELD) and spotwelds (SPOT)
    • Practical examples using FEMFAT with these modules
    • Questions and Answers

    Training fee for 2 days, excl. VAT

    1st participant € 900
    2nd participant of same company € 700
    student € 450

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    FEMFAT advanced training at Altair - FEMFAT WELD
    Böblingen, Germany Outlook meeting

    • FEMFAT weld introduction
    • Modelling of weld seams
    • Definition of weld seams using FEMFAT visualizer
    • Definition of weld seams using xMCF
    • Analysis based on stresses
    • Analysis based on nodal forces
    • FEMFAT weld database extension
    • Determination of notch factors using Radaij method
    • Automatic stress correction
    • Simulation with FEMFAT 5.2
    • Example – Modifying FEMFAT weld database
    • Sensitivity analysis
    • Using the results manager

    Training fee for 1 day, excl. VAT

    participant € 450
    student € 250

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