test bench


In the course of more cost-effective and lighter components, it is necessary to go ever closer to the limits of geometric strength. In addition to the knowledge of the loadings also material strength values like the S/N curve, notch effects, temperature influence, etc. of course also required when designing the component.

With FEMFAT LAB matpro (material properties) for the S/N curve analysis and the statistical evaluation. Many test results are summarized quickly and efficiently. In addition, the program supports you during the test execution to define the load levels.

The following selectable statistical calculation methods are used:

  • Lognormal distribution (Gauss)
  • Weibull distribution (2 and 3 parametrically)

For the calculation of the S/N parameters:

  • Berglin (Best Regression Line)
  • Männing (horizontal method)
  • Hück (Step method)
  • Dixon / Mood (Step method)
  • Monte Carlo (Statistical simulation)
  • Deubelbeiss (Step method)