LSP – available worldwide

Small and medium-sized companies face the challenges of using licenses to full capacity. On the other hand it usually isn’t worth buying additional licenses to cover periods of peak demand for large companies.  The LSP (License Service Providing) model was developed and introduced to respond to these challenges. It is a license system with maximum flexibility: registered users can use all FEMFAT modules via an online license server when they need them. The system is simple to set up with direct support from the FEMFAT Support team, and the billing system is similar to a prepaid card (as used for mobile phones): users set up a credit account and load it with a sufficient number of tokens. All FEMFAT modules are available, with no restrictions.

The user must be connected to the LSP server throughout the analysis. The licenses used are billed to the exact second, and when tokens run low the primary user automatically receives an email so that new tokens can be ordered promptly. However, if the user runs out of tokens during an analysis, they can go into “overdraft”; this means that, once begun, the analysis can be carried out in full.

The clear definition of use for each module enables each project with FEMFAT analyses to be costed accurately, and the user also has online access to their own credit account (LSP account).

Our European customers have been using the LSP licensing model for a number of years, and we are delighted to announce that LSP is now available worldwide through our sales partners.

The FEMFAT Sales team will be happy to answer your queries about this type of licensing!