FEMFAT at a Glance​​​​​​​

Innovative lightweight design is the key to reducing consumption and pollutant emissions.

Especially the paradigm shift currently underway towards more electrification demands new possibilities for saving weight to be explored. A conflict in objectives results here due to the fatigue requirements that are targeted. FEMFAT is a progressive software solution for dealing with the associated challenges.

FEMFAT is a universally applicable software program for the fatigue analysis of statically and/or dynamically loaded components and complete systems. Based on stresses from finite element analysis, FEMFAT delivers analysis results such as fatigue life or damage as well as safety factors. This enables the identification of lightweight design potentials as well as potential weak spots already at an early product development phase.


  • Reliable fatigue software for determining damage, fatigue life and safety factors
  • Employed successfully for decades at ECS and validated through test results
  • “Software for engineers from engineers”
  • Technologically advanced software, groundbreaking concepts
  • Analysis options for metallic and non-metallic components
  • Simultaneous analysis of base material and weld and/or spot joints

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