FEMFAT Usermeeting Korea 2017

The 7th local FEMFAT User Meeting in Korea took place in mid-September 2017. More than 60 participants from 21 companies followed the invitation of our partner CAE Cube in spite of the fact that the large international technical conference by ALTAIR (ATC) was conducted in Seoul the same week. The wide-ranging applicability of FEMFAT was reflected in the diversity of sectors that were represented. While the automotive industry dominated the statistics with 43% of the participants, the participation from other industry sectors was still very significant.

In keeping with this, the user contributions were diverse, whereby the analysis of plastic components and the examination of components subject to vibrational loading using SPECTRAL or ChannelMAX were aspects which received special attention.

Test Best Lecture Award - a challenge, where the winner is elected by the conference delegates - went to Mr. Ho-Dong Choi for his talk on the fatigue life analysis of short-fiber-reinforced plastics.

In his presentation, he demonstrated how a correct consideration of the fiber orientation allowed very accurate correlation with experimental results. In addition to the award for the best lecture, there were also many other prizes to be won. These included prizes for the best feedbacks and a lottery that was conducted at the end of the event as a thank you to the participants.

Special thanks is due to Tae-Jin Kim and his team from CAE Cube for the successful organization of the event and for the conference contributions they submitted. It was indeed an outstanding event once again and we are already looking forward to the next Korean User Meeting in autumn 2019.