New FEMFAT visualizer developments

FEMFAT visualizer offers an attractive alternative to other post processors. In addition to the fact that it represents an interface-independent tool, the VISUALIZER is especially appealing in light of the wealth of output options it provides. Apart from the classic main results (damage, safety factors), additional information, such as concerning local S/N data, influence factors and stress rearrangement, is available.  These output options simplify not only the documentation but also the interpretation and plausibility checking of the results.

Moreover, VISUALIZER offers comprehensive functions for the definition of welds in shell models. With only a few clicks, the weld type and seam shape can be defined and thus prepared for a subsequent FEMFAT analysis.

FEMFAT 5.3 now delivers not only an expansion of the already impressive scope of functions, but also ramped up quality with respect to weld definition.

Here is an overview of the most important new features:

  • Element search and marking by entering the label number.
  • Open fps files in the VISUALIZER using “drag & drop”. 
  • Status bar with enhanced information concerning user actions (e.g. geometry and results loading, changes in the color distribution, group handling).
  • The VISUALIZER version number is saved during a wdf file export.
  • Automatic grouping of weld seams by geometry and weld path when generated with VISUALIZER
  • The automatic splitting of welds into sections of the same type has been revised. Weld seams are now automatically split at the precise location where the weld seam overlaps itself, the weld type changes, or (in the case of butt joints only) the weld has a bend of greater than 80 degrees. 
  • The processing of numerous weld types (e.g. T90 joint, butt joint corner joint) has been significantly improved in many areas (e.g. rotation, change of weld position, initial orientation in geometries with more than 3 sheets).