FEMFAT Release News

At the beginning of September 2017, FEMFAT 5.3 was finally approved by Quality Management and released. A glance at the list below with examples of some of the new features and improvements makes it clear that the wait was worthwhile:

  1. WELD for SPECTRAL: Fatigue analysis of weld joints under stochastic loading 
  2. New SPOT database design: flexible database for simultaneous analysis of different types of connections (spot welds, rivets) and separate material assignments. Moreover nugget elements with a total of three rows can be created (Remesher or ANSA) and analyzed. 
  3. MAX: New, improved cutting plane filter (new default setting)
  4. VISUALIZER: Element search, improved weld definition, “drag & drop” function for fps files
  5. Altair H3D: Tabular format is supported
  6. Piecewise definition of the support number as a function of the relative stress gradient
  7. New output: indicator for the local mesh quality
  8. Flexible definition of the S-N curve slope
  9. Analysis of adhesive connections
  10. Medina interface: Import of node-averaged stresses
  11. Adventure Cluster (ADVC) interface

The new features 2-4 are introduced more fully in this edition of the newsletter.

Tip for Abaqus users: the FEMFAT 5.3 installation package includes the adapter for the 2016 version of Abaqus. Moreover, the packages for the Abaqus versions 6.14-1 and 2017 are also available in the download area.