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  • Are there any installation tips for FEMFAT?
  • Before you begin, make sure you have the following resources:

    – Sufficient Hard Disk and Main Memory
    The FEMFAT installation currently (FEMFAT 5.3) requires about 500MB hard disk space. Additional space should be provided for (result) files generated during the FEMFAT analysis.
    For the application itself at least 4GB RAM main memory are to be planned.

    – Installation Package for License Management Software (“License Server”)
    Currently the management of the FEMFAT licenses is done with the software LM-X of X-Formation. The required installation package can be found both in the FEMFAT installation, e.g. under .../femfat53/platforms/winnt_61_x86-64_64bit/lmx as well as a separate download on our homepage. Please note that the software downloads are only available to registered users with corresponding user rights!

    – A valid License File
    The generation of a license file requires hardware information from the computer on which the license server will later be installed. In the installation package of the license server you will find the application “lmxendutil”. Execute these on the appropriate computer. Please send the generated output to FEMFAT Support ( ) for the license file creation.

    – FEMFAT Installation Package
    It is available in the download area on our homepage.


    To use FEMFAT, proceed as follows:

    1) Installation of the License Server
    The installation is carried out on the machine which is to manage the license requests of the users ("clients"). The corresponding installation package contains a file for the automatic setup of the license server as a Windows service or as Demon on UNIX.
    This step can be skipped for a local (uncounted node-locked) license.

    2) Configuration of the License Server (editing the file “magnaecs.cfg“)
    By modifying the file "magnaecs.cfg" you configure the license server by specifying the log and license file, the port to be used etc...

    3) Start the License Server

    4) Installation of the FEMFAT Software on the Client

    5) Definition of a new Environment Variable "MAGNAECS_LICENSE_PATH" on the Client
    The value of this environment variable is
    - port@servername
    in the case of a network license ("floating" license) or
    the complete path of the license file in case of an "uncounted node-locked" license.

    FEMFAT is now available on the client machine.


  • Which development branches of Windows 10 will be supported by FEMFAT?
  • With Windows 10, Microsoft has changed their release strategy: so-called Feature Updates will replace the previous releases of new Windows versions at a frequency of about 3-5 years. These Feature Updates will be released twice per year. 


    Microsoft envisions “Servicing Channels” which are designed to give customers a certain amount of control with respect to the point of time for updates. These allow the function update to be carried out twice per year (“Semi-Annual Channel”) or about every 3 years (“Long-Term Servicing Channel”).


    The FEMFAT platform strategy will be adapted to this new situation so that both the “Semi-Annual Channel” and the “Long-Term Servicing Channel” are supported. 


    Specifically, this means that if Windows 10 Feature Updates restrict the proper execution of FEMFAT, executable installation packages will be supplied for the most current versions of the last two major releases (e.g. FEMFAT 5.4 and FEMFAT 5.3) within a reasonable period of time (additional information on the tested operating system updates will be provided shortly on our website.)