FEMFAT laminate

LAMINATE is a module for the analysis of continuous fiber-reinforced plastics and it is only available in ChannelMAX.

The top and bottom of each layer in a composite is subjected to a damage analysis. The analysis method is a version of the “Critical Component in Critical Plane” method which has been adapted for laminates and which considers both fiber breakage and intermediate fiber breakage. Moreover, delamination can also be considered when solid models are used (typically 8-node hexahedrons).

Damage analysis requires static (tension and compressive strength) and cyclical material data (S-N curves) for loads parallel and perpendicular to the fibers as well as shear loads in the laminate plane.

Shell and solid elements with COMPOSITE characteristic are currently supported from the Abaqus inp and odb file.

Laminate Advantages:

  • Multiaxial fatigue analysis of continuous fiber-reinforced plastics
  • Analysis of fiber breakage, intermediate fiber breakage and delamination
  • Simultaneous analysis of a mixed structure of standard materials (steel, aluminum, etc.) and laminates in a single computation run
  • Display of the results (damage, stress amplitude, mean stress, S-N curve, etc.) both for each individual layer and each stress component separately
  • Mean stress influence on endurance limit and slope / cycle limit
  • General surface treatment factor for all layers
  • Statistical influence