Software & Release Notes

Please note:
Abaqus odb libraries are compatible with the following platforms:

Windows 8.1 or higher (only Abaqus 2017 & 2018), Windows 10 or higher, Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or higher (Abaqus 2020: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 or higher), SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 12 or higher (Abaqus 2020: SuSe Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP4 or higher )

  • FEMFAT 5.4a Setup, Intel/AMD x64 64bit, Linux
  • Normal

    Operating System: Linux

    Architectures: Intel/AMD x64 64bit

    MD5 sum: 649fa4a8793e7f22545f855946b2f91f

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