test bench


Visualize, analyze, and correct data in time domain

Features Overview:

  • Calculation of multiple statistic values to characterize data
  • Time-plot (x-t or x-y), visual time-editor (to cut signal, move points, move signal, zero and filter signal (FIR+ IIR)
  • Formula compiler incl. mathematical and logical functions
  • Integration, differentiation
  • Remove mean, offset or center signal
  • Merge and extract channels, GPS
  • Append files, convert data to several data formats
  • Find and correct problems in measured data


Statistic calculation identifies the basic characteristics of measurement like (RMS, Mean, Crest, Minimum, Maximum and damage value….) of a large amount of data.

Calculation results can be saved in a comprehensive method in Excel® or in a text file. It simplifies the comparison of a lot of measured test tracks with hundreds of channels.

Data diagnose

Based on statistic values and user definable limits Data Diagnose is used to check plausibility of data.

Critical channels are marked and can be identified by the engineer.

Time-Edit (x-tor x-y)

The visual time-editor of FEMFAT Lab has a large amount of capabilities.

User can mark and cut signal sections, move points or time regions, display GPS coordinates in Google Earth® and can scroll through the channels and data. Several measurements and or channels can be displayed in time domain or X-Y mode.

A lot of features help to correlate measurements with the help of approximation based on polynoms up to 9th order. A powerful tool supports you to document a large amount of channels.

Filter signal (FIR and IIR)

To filter signals two methods are available (FIR and IIR). The filter can be configured as low-, high-, multiple band pass or band stop filter.

If necessary the filter can be applied to defined time regions only, the rest of the measurement signals won't be processed.


Adjust the sampling rate of a whole measurement campaign with a single click of a button.

  • High Accuracy
  • Highest speed
  • Easy usage


Additional tools for small tasks.

  • Smoothing signal
  • Modification of measurement parameters
  • Text editor