FEMFAT visualizer

The VISUALIZER is a fast, interface-independent 3D post processor for the display of FEMFAT results and FE stresses. Moreover, the VISUALIZER also stands out with its functionality in the area of weld definition for shell models.

The VISUALIZER enables the evaluation and documentation of FEMFAT results, such as damage or fatigue life and safety factors. However, the additional output options provided are especially helpful for gaining deeper understanding of the results and how they are to be interpreted. These include all parameters relevant for the FEMFAT analysis (currently over 50), including equivalent stress amplitude and mean stress or the magnitude of the effects of all activated influencing factors on the local S/N curve.

Moreover, for MAX analyses, a graphic chart of the local equivalent-stress histories and damage histories as well as the most damaging channels/modes is also available.

In addition to the classical functionalities of a post processor, FEMFAT visualizer also provides helpful preproccessor functions for the FEMFAT weld module. It enables fast and easy definition of the weld seams. The path of a weld can be defined on the FE model with only a few mouse clicks. The type of connection (T-joint, overlap joint, etc.) is recognized automatically. Details concerning the weld shape can be defined with the help of visual assistance.

A further useful feature, the 3D screenshot, turns any PowerPoint document into a small post processor: The model and the currently displayed FEMFAT result can be exported from the VISUALIZER and incorporated in PowerPoint. There, however, the structure is not available merely as a static screenshot, but instead as a full-fledged model with a host of possibilities for adapting the view!