Thermo mechanical fatigue (TMF) analysis, i.e. fatigue life predictions for components subject to a combination of thermal and mechanical loading, is one of the most challenging tasks in the area of fatigue analysis. With FEMFAT heat, you will be ideally equipped to deal with this challenge.

The aim of TMF analysis is the calculation of damage results for mechanically loaded components subject to high, fluctuating temperature loading, such as in turbochargers, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, etc.
FEMFAT heat is based to a great extent on the proven method of Professor Sehitoglu (University of Illinois, USA).
It uses the time-dependent distributions of temperatures determined in FE analyses as well as elasto-plastic stresses and strains for fatigue life analysis.

The main advantage of this method is that it takes the three relevant damage mechanisms into account:

  • Mechanical damage
  • Oxidation damage
  • Creep damage

Because analysis of this nature requires additional material parameters as well as temperature dependent material characteristics, the FEMFAT material database has been augmented with a limited number of commonly used materials including all of the necessary material parameters.

If desired we can provide consultancy on the topics of testing and the creation of FEMFAT material cards for materials not contained in the database.