Newsletter Artikel 29/2020

FEMFAT User Meeting 2019 in Steyr

The 12th International FEMFAT User Meeting took place in Steyr on May 8 and 9, 2019. This time we had moved the event location to the Steyr city hall. Almost 100 FEMFAT users from all over the world accepted our invitation to exchange technical information under the motto "Fatigue analysis of joint connections". In the context of 18 user lectures, the topic was examined from different perspectives. The challenges that were solved with the help of FEMFAT were manifold. On the one hand, different connection technologies such as arc welding, spot welding, laser soldering, 3D printing or adhesives were dealt with. On the other hand the application for complex structures such as buses, trucks or rail vehicles was presented. In addition to the joints, new materials such as fiber-reinforced plastics and 3D printing or the influence of the manufacturing process, e.g. the porosity of cast aluminum or the influence of trimmed edges on electrical sheets were investigated. 

This time we were able to win Jürgen Gumpinger from KTM as a guest lecture. He gave us impressive insights into KTM's X-Bow development and its attempts to measure thousands of kilometers of road to generate a virtual road.

As in previous user meetings, the best lecture was chosen by the auditorium and awarded the Best Lecture Award. This time the award went to the company Stadler Rail in Switzerland. Matthias Brücker convinced with his presentation about the implementation of an in-house FEMFAT weld database and its application on bogies and car bodies of rail vehicles. 

In addition to the new venue, there was another innovation with the ACADEMIC FATIGUE RESEARCH AWARD. This award recognizes scientific work on the subject of fatigue life and durability, as well as applications and further developments in fatigue simulation. The prize was awarded for the first time at the international FEMFAT Usermeeting 2019 and went to Roman Aigner from the Montanuniversität Leoben for his work on numerical modeling of induction hardened surface layers. 

The FEMFAT User Meeting is characterized not only by lectures of high professional quality, but also by the many opportunities for personal discussion and getting to know each other during the accompanying supporting program. In addition to the evening events, there was also the opportunity to visit the BMW plant in Steyr or to visit the Arbeitswelt Museum. 

The FEMFAT User Meeting 2019 was a successful event and I can already point out the next International User Meeting 2021. We will change the format and establish an ECS Simulation Conference, where the user meetings will unite all software products of the ECS (FEMFAT, LAB and KULI) as well as the ECS dynamic conference. We look forward to welcoming you to this conference.


FEMFAT User Meeting 2019


Lectures in the city hall of Steyr


Presentation of the Best Lecture Award challenge cup by Robert Erhart (right) to Matthias Brücker (left)