Newsletter Artikel 29/2020

4th FEMFAT LAB User Meeting in China 2019

From May 27th to 28th, 2019 over 100 interested participants from more than 40 companies came together in the Eton Hotel in Shanghai to visit the 4th FEMFAT LAB User meeting. 

An event where users share their experience with the software, get information about upcoming features and have detailed discussions with local and Austrian experts.

After a brief introduction of the Engineering Center Steyr and FEMFAT LAB, users presented a wide range of topics including investigations of components, sub-systems and full vehicles. It was a pleasure for us to see the great interest and active participation during the concluding Q&A session.

During the organized workshop on the second day many complex applications were demonstrated to show the different use cases of FEMFAT LAB. For example the optimization of fatigue test programs or the creation of a virtual 3D road based on road load data measurements even when you cannot digitize the road.

Special thanks to our sales colleague Wenxuan Zhang and his team in Shanghai for the perfect organization of this event and for making all of this possible.

We are already looking forward to engaging discussions and interesting applications using FEMFAT LAB at the next Chinese User Meeting in 2021.