Best Lecture Award

Best Lectures - International FEMFAT Usermeeting Austria

2019Use of FEMFAT for the Analysis of Welded Vehicle Structures at STADLERMartin Brücker, Stadler Rail Altenrhein
2017Advances in the fatigue analysis of diesel engine crankcases including the manufacturing processes – heat treatment, liner coating, surface roughness and porosityDr. Robert Ehart, BMW Motoren Steyr
2015Integration of the Manufacturing Process in the Fatigue Analysis of Engine ComponentsDr. S. Reichl, T. Wabro, BMW Motoren Steyr
2013Fatigue Prediction in Threaded Fasteners & ComponentsDr. Michael DeJack, AVL, Plymouth / USA
2011Latest Methods in Fatigue Analyses of High Performance Aluminum Crankcases for BMW Diesel EnginesDr. Robert Ehart, BMW Motoren Steyr
2009Consideration of porosity of Al-die cast components for durability analysisDr. Christian Oberwinkler, MU Leben
2007Influence of ageing on the deformation- and TMFbehaviour of aluminum cylinder headsDr. Robert Ehart, BMW Motoren Steyr
2005Fatigue life simulation of dynamically loaded structures in truck engineering based on modal stress approachDr. A. Schmehmann, Daimler AG, Stuttgart
2003Influence of Dendrite-Arm-Spacing on Fatigue LifeProf. Wilfried Eichlseder, MU Leoben

Best Lectures - FEMFAT Usermeeting India

2019Failure Correlation and Resolution of a Plastic Fuel Tank through RLD (Road Load Data) using FEMFAT harmonicYogesh Jaju, Deepak Kumar, Tata Motors Ltd.
2017Fatigue Life Estimation of Engine MountsSrinivas Kurna, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
2015FEM Based Fatigue Life Correlation of Leaf Spring by Using FEMFATSrinivas Kurna, VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.
2013Fatigue Life Simulation with Inclusion of Forming EffectsRanjit Babar, Tata Motors Ltd.

Best Lectures - FEMFAT Usermeeting Japan

2018疲労解析精度向上のためのSPOT Modelの提案株式会社本田技術研究所四輪R&Dセンター
名倉 哲志 様
2016自動車の車体疲労信頼性開発におけるFEMFAT適用への取り組み マツダ株式会社
河井 範之 様
高山 光弘 様
齋藤 政信 様