Austria 2019

International FEMFAT User Meeting 2019

| Steyr, Austria

Tuesday, May 7th
13:00 FEMFAT Newcomer Workshop | Hotel Minichmayr, Steyr
18:30 Welcome Dinner | Hotel Mader, Steyr
Wednesday, May 8th
08:15 Morning Walk into Event Location
08:30 Registration
09:15 Welcome and Opening H. Dannbauer, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:30 Plenary Lecture: Fatigue Strength of Welded Joints and Additively Manufactured Structures Uni. Prof. F. Grün, Montanuniversität, Leoben, AUT
10:00 Seam Weld and Adhesive Bond Durability Prediction in Truck Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems and Chassis Components Dr. A. Rietz, Scania CV, Södertälje, SWE
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 SPOT Model of Improving Fatigue Analysis Accuracy T. Nagura, Honda R&D., Tochigi-ken, JPN
11:30 Use of FEMFAT for the Analysis of Welded Vehicle Structures at STADLER M. Brücker, Stadler, Altenrhein,CHE
12:00 Development Methodology and Application of FEMFAT for Laser Brazed Body Components Dr. R. Unger, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, GER
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 FEMFAT 5.4 | News and More Dr. C. Gaier, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
14:30 Impact of Material Behavior on Engine Development: Influence of Porosity on Fatigue Life in Aluminum M. Smolnikar, AVL GmbH, Graz, AUT
15:00 Optimization and Validation of a New Freight Car Family Dr. J. Habenbacher, PJ Messtechnik GmbH, Graz, AUT
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Fatigue Life Prediction Method Considering Crack Propagation Dr. H. Kawamura, Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota, JPN
16:30 Transferability of FEMFAT- Based Lifetime Assessment of sfr Polymers to Joint Connections Dr. A. Primetzhofer, PCCL, Leoben, AUT
17:00 Comparative Study of Passenger Vehicle Body Fatigue Evaluation Methodologies - Virtual Proving Ground vs Hybrid H. Sharma, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Gurgaon, IND
17:30 Guest Lecture: Forced Innovation and Process Adaptations in Small Series Development J. Gumpinger, KTM AG, Mattighofen, AUT
18:30 End of the First User Meeting Day
19:30 Dinner | Landgasthof Mayr, St. Ulrich
Thursday, May 9th
08:30 Hybrid Lightweight - Example of a Dynamically Stressed Component P. Seiwald, EDAG Engineering GmbH, Munich, GER
09:00 Virtual Durability Simulation with Complete Vehicle Model for Buses and Trucks Dr. R. Krivachy, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Munich, GER
09:30 Investigation of an Automotive Front Section by Means of Dynamics and Durability N. Himmelsbach, BMW AG, Munich, GER
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Fatigue Evaluation of the Rotor for HEV/EV E-Motor K. Inoue, Honda R&D Co. Ltd., Hagagun, JPN
11:00 Failure Correlation and Resolution of a Plastic Fuel Tank through RLD (Road Load Data) using FEMFAT harmonic Y. Jaju, Tata Technologies, Pune, IND
11:30 Fatigue Assessment of 3D Printed Structures – Generation of Local Material Properties for Optimized Numerical Strength Analysis M. Grünwald, AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, GER
12:00 Method for Evaluating the Influence of Overloads on the Fatigue Strength of Components Using the Example of Commercial Vehicle Crankcases F. Schlosser, MAN Truck & Bus AG, Nürnberg, GER
12:30 Lunch Break
13:30 Academic Award Presentation:Numeric modeling of induction hardened boundary layers R. Aigner, Montanuniversität Leoben, AUT
14:00 FEMFAT Live / Question & Answer / Best Lecture Award
14:45 Bus Transfer to BMW Steyr / Walk to Museum Arbeitswelt
15:30 Guided Plant Tour @ BMW Steyr / Guided Tour “Work is invisible” of Museum Arbeitswelt Steyr
17:00 Optional: Get Together | Restaurant Minichmayr
18:45 Bus Transfer to Steyr City Square / walk to Steyr City Square
19:00 Optional: Get Together | Restaurant Minichmayr
Friday, May 10th
FEMFAT Advanced Workshop Including Company Tour | Engineering Center Steyr, St. Valentin
08:30 SPOT Database Calibration and Extension
09:30 WELD Database Calibration and Extension
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Fatigue Analysis with Plastic (Normal and Fiber Reinforced) and Laminates
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Farewell - Optional: Company Tour