Newsletter Artikel 28/2019


Why is „Not Analysed“ displayed in the results display for weld nodes in VISUALIZER for individual result positions?

For the output and display of results at weld nodes, there are three result positions available in the VISUALIZER:

  • Visualization of the analysis results as a middle or end node,
  • Visualization of the results at the weld root or at the weld toe,
  • Visualization of the results of the individual stress components (Normal stress perpendicular to and parallel to weld, Shear stress, Equivalent stress).

Basically, the critical values for each of the three categories are first displayed when invoking the results. The user-defined selection of the evaluation positions can be made via a drop-down menu.

However, it should be noted that all results for root & toe are not available for all involved sheets / elements at one weld seam node. Only those weld toes and roots are calculated for which notch factors have been defined in the WELD database. The values of the most critical element are then displayed according to the settings.

This means, for example, that if the critical element has no weld toe at all (because it lies on the side away from the seam like an element of type 202, pictured right), then the value is also not available. In VISUALIZER, when „Toe“ is selected for such a weld node, „Not Analysed“ is displayed, cp. the example of a T-joint below.