FEMFAT User Meeting in Japan 2018

The eighth regional FEMFAT User Meeting took place in Japan on 5 and 6 June 2018, with 64 interested participants accepting our invitation to the Shinagawa Conference Center in Tokyo. Automotive manufacturers were heavily represented, making up almost 70% of participants, and parts suppliers, construction machine manufacturers and software providers were also in attendance. The user talks were tailored to this audience: Toyota and Honda, for example, reported on the fatigue analysis of spot joints, which used the flexible SPOT database to assess new joining technologies such as laser screw welding and to improve the accuracy of forecasts using the test results. Other talks focused on the advantages of FEMFAT analysis in engine calculations (Suzuki) and the opportunities for improving the precision of fatigue analyses through the use of process simulation (ESI).

The talk given by Tetsuji Nagura from Honda on ‘Calibration of SPOT database on test results’ was the clear winner of the best talk award at the User Meeting as chosen by the participants. In addition to the high-calibre user talks, our demonstration of the new FEMFAT 5.3.1 features and the look ahead to 5.4 met with considerable interest.

Particularly noticeable at this User Meeting was the extremely high level of audience participation, with plenty of questions being asked after each talk and animated discussions taking place between the experts even during the breaks. As ever the User Meeting day concluded with the traditional party, where participants chatted, celebrated and enjoyed Japanese snacks and a wide range of drinks in a convivial atmosphere.

The second day was designated as a workshop. We gave detailed presentations and examples of modelling and analysis with SolidWELD, weld assessment for components with stochastic loads using SPECTRAL, the new SPOT database, evaluation of adhesive joints and analysis of rotating components using ChannelMAX and FEMFAT LAB. 

Everything ran as planned during the event, and we received extremely positive feedback from the participants. 

Congratulations to our team in Japan!



Tetsuji Nagura from Honda won the award for the best lecture. 

Experts discussed the lecturs... 

... and plenty of fun was had by all.