Austria 2003

    FEMFAT UM Lectures
  • Usermeeting | Austria
    A Method for Considering the Effect of Fretting in Fatigue Design
    Prof. Dr. K. Sato, Chiba University, JP

  • MI05_UnivChiba_Sato.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Application of FEMFAT to Vehicle Development
    F. Oshio, Daihatsu, JP

  • DO04_Daihatsu_Oshio.pdf 745 KB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Approved Fatigue Analysis of Crankshafts with Particular Reference to Multiaxial Loading and Induction Surface-Hardening Using FEMFAT
    Dr. L. Limmer, MAN, Nuremberg, D

  • DO02_MAN-Limmer.pdf 1 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Consideration of Porosity in Fatigue Life Analysis of Aluminium-Die-Castings
    Dr. G. Zhang, Volkswagen, D

  • MI06_VW_Zhang_engl.pdf 1 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Cylinder Block Stress and Fatigue Analysis
    Dr. M. DeJack, Ford, Detroit, USA

  • MI04_Ford_DeJack.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Development of Assistant Tools for FEMFAT
    M. Takayama, Honda, JP

  • DO06_Honda_Takayama.pdf 391 KB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Dimensioning of Lightweight-Structures - Simulation of Component Behaviour using Verified Material Characteristics
    Dr. A. Stich, AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, D

  • DO05_AUDI_Stich.pdf 15 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Evaluation of Static and Dynamic Safety at Different Examples
    S. Hesse, Merkle & Partner, D

  • DO09_Merkle_Partner_Hesse.pdf 959 KB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Life Assessment
    Prof. C.M. Sonsino, LBF, Darmstadt, D

  • MI02_LBF_Sonsino.pdf 7 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Generation of Load-Data for FEMFAT with the Multi-Body Simulation Tool SIMPACK
    J. Gerl, Intec GmbH, D

  • MI09_SIMPACK_Dietz.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Life Time Prediction of Aluminium Cast Components taking into Account the Local Dendrite Arm Spacing and the Porosity - winner of the best lecture award !
    Prof. W. Eichlseder, Montanuniversität Leoben, A

  • MI10_MULeoben_Eichlseder.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    New Applications and Theories in FEMFAT 4.4 - What´s scheduled for Version 4.5 -
    Dr. C. Gaier, ECS, St. Valentin, A

  • MI07_ECS_Gaier.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Shape-Optimization for Fatigue Life using TOSCA and FEMFAT
    R. Meske, FE-Design, Karlsruhe, D

  • MI03_FE-Design_Meske.pdf 9 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Simulation of an Engine Speed-Up Run - and Verification
    Dr. M. Steinbatz, ECS, St. Valentin, Austria

  • DO10_ECS_Steinbatz.pdf 6 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    The best lecture award - Introduction and welcome
    B. Unger, ECS, St. Valentin, A

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    FEMFAT UM Agenda
  • Usermeeting | Austria
    FEMFAT USER MEETING 2003, May 7th, in Steyr/Austria

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