Austria 2011

    FEMFAT UM Lectures
  • Usermeeting | Austria
    A Likely Explanation of Very High Cycle Fatigue in Steel
    Dr. R. Ehart, BMW Motoren Steyr, A

  • 04-BMW-Ehart.pdf 22 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Car Body Fatigue Analysis Based on Vehicle Test Simulation
    J. Skoda, Aufeer Design, CZ

  • 11-AufeerDesign-Skoda.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Considering Contact in MBS with MAMBA
    M. Breitfuß, ECS

  • 15-ECS_MAMBA-Breitfuss.pdf 1 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Endurance Life Analysis of Turbo Charger Wheels Considering Manufacturing Influences
    M. Schneid, Daimler AG, D

  • 03-Daimler-Schneid.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Life Analysis of a Ductile Cast Iron Magnet Actuator
    Dr. M. Jirout, Knorr Bremse, A

  • 09-KnorrBremse-Jirout.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Life Prediction Method for Vehicle Body Panels
    M. Saito, Nissan, J

  • 13-Nissan-Saito.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Life Prediction on Rough Roads Using a Full Vehicle Model
    Ming-Huang Cheng, Toyota Motor Corp., J

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  • Usermeeting | Austria
    FEMFAT Version 5.0 News
    Dr. C. Gaier, ECS

  • 06-ECS_FEMFAT50-Gaier.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Latest Methods in Fatigue Analyses of High Performance Aluminum Crankcases for BMW Diesel Engines
    Dr. R. Ehart, BMW Motoren Steyr, A

  • 04-BMW-Ehart.pdf 22 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    New Approach to Account for Support Effect and Statistical Size Effect in Analytical Strength Assessment
    Dr. H. Fröschl, IABG, D

  • 18-IABG-Froeschl.pdf 1 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Numerical Sensivity Analysis of Production Related Variations of Weld Geometries in Fatigue Simulation of Automotive Components
    I. Soproni, Cosma Engineering, A

  • 14-Cosma-Soproni.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Optimization of Facilities for Steel Production by Simulation and Measurements
    Dr. G. Wimmer, Siemens

  • 10-SiemensVAI-Wimmer.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Random Response Fatigue Assessment in FEMFAT
    Dr. W. Hinterberger, ECS

  • 07-ECS_FEMFATspectral-Hinterberger.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Reduction of Simplified Fatigue Testing by Means of Application of Numerical Optimization Tools for Lifetime Calculation Processes
    Dr. Arash Ahmadi, Volkswagen, D

  • 02-Volkswagen-Ahmadi.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Usage Tips for Bogie Simulation
    J. Habenbacher, Stadler Altenrhein, CH

  • 17-Stadler-Habenbacher.pdf 5 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Using FEMFAT for transmissions of wind turbines
    P. Lahtinen, Moventas, FIN

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  • Usermeeting | Shanghai, China
    Workshop - FEMFAT software praxis & Q/A
    Werkhausen Axel & Hübsch Wolfgang, ECS

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    FEMFAT UM Agenda
  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Program of the 8. International FEMFAT User Meeting Steyr, Austria, April 13 - 15, 2011

  • 2011_FEMFAT_UM_Agenda.pdf 1 MB,