Austria 2015

    FEMFAT UM Agenda
  • Usermeeting | Austria

  • 2015_FEMFAT_UM_AGENDA.pdf 1 MB,

    FEMFAT UM Lectures
  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Assessment of Laminates, FEMFAT 5.1.1 News
    Dr. C. Gaier, Magna,

  • 06_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Magna_Gaier_FEMFAT_News.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Durability Evaluation of Vehicle Structures Using FEMFAT max and spectral
    S. Rzepa, Edag, Wolfsburg, GER

  • 14_FEMFAT_UM_2015_EDAG_Max-Spectral.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Analysis of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastic Intake Manifold Flap
    T. Schmidt, Audi Hungaria Motor, Györ, HUN

  • 09_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Audi_Schmidt.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Assessment of Elastomers for a Multi-axially Loaded Commercial Vehicle Engine Mount
    S. Kaindl, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT

  • 17_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Magna_-_Kaindl_-_Elastomere.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Fatigue Life Estimation and Validation of Motorcycle Rear Carrier by using SPECTRAL & ChannelMAX Module
    S. Kadakuntla, Hero A. Kumar, Hero, Dharuhera, IND

  • 10_FEMFAT_UM_2015_FEMFAT_spectral_channelmax.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    FEM Based Fatigue Life Correlation of Semi-Elliptical Leaf Spring by Using FEMFAT
    S. Kurna, VECV, Pithampur, IND

  • 16_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Durability_Evaluation_ofLeaf_Final.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Implementation of IIW welding standard on Large Two-stroke Marine Diesel Engines, including in-house notch database
    P. Nilsson, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Copenhagen, DEN

  • 18_FEMFAT_UM_2015_PerNilsson_MAN_.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Integration of the Manufacturing Process in the Fatigue Analysis of Engine Components
    Dr. S. Reichl, T. Wrabo, BMW Motoren, Steyr, AUT

  • 05_FEMFAT_UM_2015_BMW_Reichl.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Lifetime Prediction for Reinforced Plastics in Powertrain Applications
    Dr. T. Dick, NW Numerics, Vienna, AUT

  • 08_FEMFAT_UM_2015_NWNum_Dick.pdf 8 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Literature Review of CGI and Nodular Iron Materials and Development of Improved Models for HCF
    M. DeJack, AVL, Plymouth, USA

  • 15_FEMFAT_UM_2015_AVL_CGI_Ductile_Iron-updated_ORAL.pdf 2 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Material Modelling for Fatigue Life Calculation of Short Fiber Reinforced Injection Moulded Parts with FEMFAT
    A. Mösenbacher, Montanuniversität, Leoben, AUT

  • 07_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Moesenbacher.pdf 4 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Multi-axial Leaf Spring Test Rig Development and Fatigue Analysis for Heavy-Duty Trucks
    J.H. Choi, HMC, Gyeonggi, KOR

  • 11_FEMFAT_UM_2015_HMC.pdf 3 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Strength and Fatigue Analysis of CFRP Parts under Car Operating Loadings
    C. Hahne, Audi, Ingolstadt, GER

  • 02_FEMFAT_UM_2015_Audi_Hahn.pdf 1 MB,

  • Usermeeting | Austria
    Use of Fatigue Analysis for Components Fail Prevention and Weight Optimization
    T. Negretti, Mercedes-Benz, São Bernardo do Campo, BRA