Newsletter Artikel 29/2020

Formula Student: The university motorsport racing series for engineers of the future

In motorsport, people and materials go to the limit. Issues such as lightweight design, new materials, durability, but also innovative designs (e.g. for the safety cell) are of crucial importance here. The main goal: to be safer, faster and better than the competitor. Where better to show the capabilities of your product, because motorsport is a technology driver. In the first step, the new developments improve the racing cars and after a while can be found in everyday products or series vehicles of the automobile manufacturers.

However, all of these developments also mean that there is always a person, an engineer, who has the idea, developed it and implemented it. Engineers need the opportunity to try and gain experience. This applies both to the process of brainstorming and that of development including  (fatigue) simulation. The Formula Student, a worldwide university racing series with compact, self-developed formula vehicles, offers an ideal playground for this.

The special features of this racing series are the regulations. The vehicles developed by the students are divided into 3 categories. In addition to a class for vehicles with an internal combustion engine, there is also a class for vehicles with electric drive and a class for self-driving vehicles.

In order to drive the development of your vehicles at the highest level, we provide FEMFAT to teams from the Formula Student.

We are happy to support teams with our know-how. Using FEMFAT, brakes, wheel suspensions, chassis in the form of tubular steel frames or monocoques made of carbon have already been analyzed and improved in terms of strength, lightweight design and durability.

Many thanks to the teams from Hawks Racing e.V. from Hamburg and the teams from Vienna, Os.Car Racing and TUW Racing for providing some photos of their vehicles.

We look forward to continued good cooperation and wish all Formula Student teams all the best in their further development and exciting races all over the world.