FEMFAT User Meeting in China 2018

Immediately after the FEMFAT User Meeting in Japan we moved on to the FEMFAT User Meeting in China, which took place one week later (12 and 13 June 2018) in the Eton Hotel in Shanghai. Over 100 participants from 48 companies – mainly automotive manufacturers and suppliers – gathered for the fifth time to share their experiences with FEMFAT.

Subjects of the user talks were wide-ranging, including thermomechanical fatigue in engine applications, analysis of attachment parts and consoles subject to vibrations, cast aluminium parts on subframes, and evaluation of hydraulic pistons and crankshafts.

On day two we again organised a workshop, during which we gave a number of demonstrations of complex applications. For example, by analysing a rubber engine mount we showed how the ELASTOLOADS tool and ChannelMAX can be used to analyse time series of any desired length with relatively little effort, even with non-linear deformation characteristics. Another focus was fatigue analysis of rotating components, for which we used the example of a differential housing to demonstrate how the time-dependent circumferential load can be taken into account in fatigue analysis. The workshop program concluded with detailed information on the analysis of SolidWELD`s and on the new SPOT database.

All the English talks were translated almost simultaneously into Chinese by Wenxuan Zhang, our colleague and FEMFAT sales partner in Shanghai. This was met with particular amazement by the people from ESI, as Willem van Hal’s talk on combining manufacturing process simulation using PamStamp and Sysweld with fatigue analysis included specialist terminology which would present a real challenge for any translator.

Huge thanks are therefore due to Wenxuan and his team, without whose efforts this User Meeting could not have taken place. 

Helmut Dannbauer presented a small souvenir from Austria to each speaker