Austria 2019

International FEMFAT User Meeting 2019

| Steyr, Austria

Fatigue Analysis of Joint Connections

Joining technologies play a major role in metal materials a long time, enabling to manufacture complex parts economically or only at all. Indeed thermal processes like many variants of welding joints are dominating. But for thin walled structures, a number of mechanical joining technologies with or without joining element have been developed, showing favorable fatigue behavior. Especially in light weight material mix vehicles containing different metals and composite materials, joints like self-piercing rivets are important. Moreover, adhesive joints gain relevance in that area too.

FEMFAT has a leading position for fatigue assessment of joint connections like welds and self-piercing rivets for a long time. This is backed by recent developments like 3D-welds and structural bonding in sheet metal structures. For assessment of spot welds including contact effects MAMBA provides innovative approaches.

During the 12th International User Meeting engineers from all over the world will present their multifaceted analyses using FEMFAT. The personal atmosphere and the frame program allow an intensive exchange of experience among the participants and potentially new contacts. Centerpiece of the conference is of course the lectures and we invite all FEMFAT users to present both new methods and fatigue analysis applications.

Do not miss this unique conference and save the date today. We look forward to meeting you.


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