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A software module for fatigue analysis of welding seams for steel and aluminum using notch stress method and standards.

Arc-welded components have a considerably reduced ability to withstand dynamic loads; hence, numerical simulation of welded components is an important issue in CAE. To overcome this problem, concepts for the automatic assessment of dynamically stressed welds have been developed and implemented in FEMFAT weld.

Results are damage/life predictions or endurance safety factors and can be observed considering guidelines like:

  • R1MS-concept
  • Radaj's notch radius concept
  • DIN15018
  • DVS 1608 (DVS 952)
  • Eurocode 9
  • Eurocode 3
  • British Standard 7608

Detailed results are available in the report file after analysis, or in the FEMFAT visualizer for post processing.

Passenger car, welded subframe structure