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The FEMFAT visualizer is a fast 3D post processor for displaying the structure of FEM models, and for viewing fatigue results and FEA stresses.

The FEMFAT visualizer simplifies verification of analysis and creation of documentation. For example, the currently visible FEM entity and the selected results can be exported and subsequently visualized in three dimensions in MS Office Word and Power Point applications.

Beside result evaluation, the FEMFAT visualizer also provides a useful pre-processor function for the FEMFAT weld program module, allowing welds to be quickly and easily defined. The route of the weld can be specified with only a few mouse clicks on the FEM geometry. The joint type (T-joint, lap joint, etc.) is automatically recognized, only details need to be added – with visual support. The detailed weld geometry is displayed within the FEM model, allowing rapid and unambiguous checking.


Stress and damage history plots