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A software module for assessing damage from measured strains and comparing stresses from FEA and testing.

The systematic approach of correlating damage analysis and physical testing in laboratories is perfectly represented by the capabilities and infrastructure of Engineering Center STEYR's facility in Austria, where advanced structural analysis methods, software development and fatigue lab testing is done simultaneously.

This situation has led to the development of the module FEMFAT strain being the binding link between fatigue tests and structural analyses.

The correlation was integrated in the FEMFAT basic and FEMFAT max menu structure and is available there as an additional analysis objective. Based only on the coarse boundary conditions at the measuring point of a strain gauge (material, notch radius, surface roughness and treatment, temperature distribution...) and the strains measured there, the local damage and endurance limit safety factor can also be computed in the FEMFAT strain CALC mode.

Example of strain gauge application