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A software module for predicting fatigue of spot-joints (welds, rivets) in FE-shell structures.

Spot welding is the state of the art joining technology for BIW structures. Thousands of spot welds are necessary to ensure structural integrity for the vehicle or cabin body.

This makes a realistic reproduction of the connections necessary as well as the creation of an effective and accurate model. Assuming that the connection stiffness is incorrect, the displacements for a given load are also incorrect, as are the subsequent stresses and naturally the operational strength. Therefore FEMFAT spot is used as preprocessor to recognize attributes in the shell structure leading and subsequently to a local remeshing – the adapted meshes can then undergo stress analysis and then damage analysis using FEMFAT spot in conjunction with FEMFAT basic or FEMFAT max.

Extendable databases ensure FEMFAT spot's flexibility in terms of additional guidelines and materials. The standard database provides all information for spot welds or punch rivets in combination with steel or aluminium connections. Prooven and validated connecting elements (CDH, CWELD, CBEAM, CBAR,...) can also be evaluated using a force-based approach without remeshing.

Example of spot welds in a truck door