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A software module for the low cycle fatigue analysis of components that suffer from thermomechanical fatigue (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds).

Load cycles in the high cycle range (HCF) are not always responsible for initial cracking. Components which are subject to fluctuating operating temperatures (e.g. hot engine components) go through temperature cycles several thousand times during lifetime.

Damage processes within the component are so much more a function of the material properties that increased testing effort is required to identify the additional parameters.

The implemented method corresponds to that of Huseyin Sehitoglu, which divides the damage into three independent terms: mechanical, oxidation and creep damage. Complex material models are also necessary for the solver, in addition to the thermal analysis (depending on the degree of detail in the analysis). ECS has developed a test sequence for this purpose. The material properties (twenty different values) can be approximated based on the test results as well as by means of parameter optimization.

Engine components under temperature load