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FEMFAT User Meeting 2017
May 10th - 11th - Steyr / Austria

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Fatigue analysis in a fast changing technical world

In the fast changing field of engineering, both the complexity of technical systems and customer needs are increasing. Additionally, the automotive industry faces rigorous legal guidelines and a paradigm shift to more electrification.

The resulting challenging tasks demand innovative answers to secure the required lightweight goals. For this FEMFAT offers the ideal tools with its individually combinable modules.

During the 11th International FEMFAT User Meeting users from all over the world will present their various applications. We invite all users to submit a FEMFAT related presentation.

The FEMFAT team will present:

  • FEMFAT news realized in version 5.3.
  • FEMFAT laminate, combining high strength/stiffness and weight savings with complex geometries for fiber-reinforced plastics
  • ELASTOLOADS – a tool to demonstrate highly non-linear material behavior in the elastic range in reduced calculation time

By the way, since 2014, FEMFAT is certified by GL Renewables (Germanischer Loyd for windpower systems) for fatigue analyses. We would also be pleased to welcome speakers from this area.

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FEMFAT User Meeting 2017 - Agenda

09. May 2017
18:00 Reception at Hotel Mader
10. May 2017
08:15 Morning walk to event location
08:30 Registration
Chairman: H. Dannbauer, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:15 Welcome address H. Dannbauer, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
09:30 Plenary lecture: Manufacturing influences on the fatigue behavior - Aspects of formed sheet metal structures Prof. A. Esderts, TU Clausthal, GER
10:00 Overall fatigue assessment of short-fiber-reinforced plastic components using the example of a torque support D. Baiz, Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, GER
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Improved fatigue life assessment of aircraft composite structural parts Dr. A. Adumitroaie, Johannes Kepler Universität, Linz, AUT
11:30 Notch effect for short-fiber-reinforced polyamides R. Beck, EMS-Chemie, Domat/Ems, CH
12:00 Investigations of different concepts for the fatigue analysis prediction using V-specimens Dr. G. Zhang, Volkswagen, Wolfsburg, GER
12:30 Lunch Break
Chairman: Dr. R. Pschera, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
14:00 FEMFAT 5.3 news and more Dr. C. Gaier, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
14:30 Advances in the fatigue analysis of diesel engine crankcases with special focus on the manufacturing process Dr. R. Ehart, G. Pramhas, G. Pichler, BMW Motoren Steyr, AUT
15:00 Influence of production tolerances on fatigue life prediction R. Lampert, DYNARDO, Vienna, AUT
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Fatigue life prediction method for laser screw welds in automotive structures Dr. H. Fukao, Toyota Motor, Aichi, JPN
16:30 Solid element based fatigue analysis of weld joints: between the poles of effort and accuracy M. Tryfonidis, BETA CAE Systems, Thessaloniki, GRE
K. Hofwimmer, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
17:00 Fatigue life assessment with FEMFAT based on load spectra and its validation with testing results C. Dönertas, Mercedes-Benz, Istanbul, TUR
17:30 Chronicle and content of the historical archive of the former Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG H. Antensteiner, Dr. C. Hinteregger, Magna, AUT
18:30 End of first day's lectures
19:30 Dinner at Gasthaus Mayr, St. Ulrich - Bus transfer back to Hotel 22.00 and 23.00
11. May 2017
Chairman: A. Werkhausen, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
08:30 Consideration of production-induced properties in fatigue life computation
(FORGE-FEMFAT coupling)
J. Heizmann, Hirschvogel, Denklingen, GER
09:00 Durability assessment of an aluminum cylinder head considering the residual stresses from heat treatment T. Winter, Hatz Diesel, Ruhrstorf, GER
09:30 Use of FEMFAT in shape optimization with PERMAS Dr. R. Helfrich, Intes, Stuttgart, GER
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Anisotropic dynamic strength calculation of a forged crankshaft F. Strametz, SinusPro, Graz, AUT
11:00 WELD analysis using BS 7608 fatigue curves P. Pochatila, Pioneer Solutions LLC, Cleveland, USA
11:30 Fatigue life estimation of engine mount using ELASTOLOADS S. Kurna, Volvo Eicher CV, Pithampur, IND
12:00 Load generation and fatigue life analysis taking into account contact effects Dr. O. Grieshofer, M. Breitfuss, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 FEMFAT live / Questions & Answers / Best lecture award Dr. C. Gaier, Magna, St. Valentin, AUT
15:00 End of second day's lectures
16:30 Transfer from Steyr city square (Hotel Mader) to train station Unterhimmel
17:00 Trip with historical steamtrain „Steyrtalbahn“ to Grünburg including culinary delights
21:00 Return to Steyr city square
12. May 2017
FEMFAT Advanced Workshop
08:30 Solid WELD: How to implement the new technique from pre- to post-processing
09:30 Channel MAX: Damage analysis for rotating components using variable torque and speed history
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 LAMINATE: Assessment of in-plane failure modes and delamination fatigue
12:00 SPOT: How to calibrate the SPOT database, new enhancements for FEMFAT 5.3
13:00 Lunch Break
14:00 Farewell - Optional: company tour