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The fatigue software package FEMFAT consists of many modules - each for particular use and more powerful if combined.

FEMFAT basic
FE-based software for predicting the fatigue life/damage and endurance safety factors of components. Includes comprehensive FE-interfaces and material database.

FEMFAT plast
A software module to consider the effects of mean stress rearrangement when local plastic deformation occurs.

A software module for fatigue analysis of MultiAXially loaded components using time histories of loads or series of stress states

A software module for fatigue analysis of welding seams for steel and Aluminium using notch stress method and standards (DIN 15018, EUROCODE 3 and 9, BS 7608, IIW).

A software module for predicting fatigue of spot-joints (welds, rivets) in FE-shell structures.

FEMFAT break
A software module for assessing static safety factors.

A software module for the low cycle fatigue analysis of components which are exposed to thermo mechanical loads (e.g. cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds).

FEMFAT strain
A software module for assessing damage from measured strains and comparing stresses from FEA and testing.

FEMFAT visualizer
A fast, 3D postprocessor to display the FE-model, fatigue results and imported stresses including a feature to generate animations.

FEMFAT spectral
A software module to use Power Spectral Densities (PSD) for fatigue analysis in frequency domain.

FEMFAT laminate
A software module for fatigue life prediction on multilayered infinite fibre materials.

FEMFAT parallel
Take the advantage to use more than only one CPU of your multicore workstation to speed up your analysis.